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See Your Competitor's Trust Badge, And Increase Your Conversions

See Your Competitor's Trust Badge, And Increase Your Conversions

Most businesses that operate online now have an SEO service in order to improve their visibility on search engine results pages. Some of these services are low-quality, while others offer some much-needed assistance. However, with a few tweaks, you can start getting more leads and revenue by adding a trust badge to your website design.

What is the

The "As Seen On" trust badge is a symbol that indicates which companies trust the type of company that you are. It's essentially a marketing technique used by companies to show their customers and potential customers what other companies like them have verified. The process is easy and fast because the badge is supplied by an online provider that already has the necessary information on file.

Why Did My Competitor Get a

There are many factors that go into a trust badge, with the ones you see on your competitors sometimes being a lot less than what they really should be.

How Does The As Seen On Trust Badge Work and Impact Conversions?

The As Seen On Trust badge was created to combat the natural skepticism that consumers have when it comes to online reviews and testimonials. The badge is a way for people to see that their affiliate has been vetted and is legitimate. This badge works because once someone sees that the review or testimonial has been "seen on trust," they are more likely to believe it and take action.

Best Practices When Using Your

Because trust badges have become a popular marketing and branding tool, many marketers are considering the use of their own trust badge. In order to ensure that your business is successful, consider implementing these best practices in order to increase your conversions.

Risks of Getting a

A "As Seen On" trust badge can seem like a shortcut to success. But there are several risks associated with getting these badges, and they should be carefully considered before going this route. First, one risk is that the trust badge may actually undermine your brand's other marketing efforts. Other brands will dismiss you because of your referral, and this could cause a brand-to-brand conflict in the future. A second risk is that if you decide to get a trust badge, then your competitor will also start doing so, which could cause confusion for your customers about which company to use. Finally, if you do decide to get a trust badge, then make sure you get it from someone who has experience in e-commerce as well as trust-


A trust badge is a visual indicator that signals who is trustworthy and gives visitors confidence in your company. It helps you build trust and enhances conversion. Trust badges can be easy to implement, even if you are new to the market.


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